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    YOU . . . YOU love fun, artistic photography that captures emotion. You want to feel comfortable with someone who puts you at ease and brings out your personality. And, you value working with an established, experienced professional.
    ME . . . Photography is my chosen career and lifelong fascination! I see beauty in everyone, and am inspired by people, light, and nature. I hold a degree in Photojournalism, and was a Photojournalist before opening my photo studio in 2000. I love God, adore children, and am crazy about my husband.
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    "I feel so blessed to have found Angela. She is not only our family photographer but I consider her a dear friend. I trust her 100% when it comes to capturing my family's history. I know I will be brought to more happy tears in the future. Thank you Angela for doing what you do. You truly are the best!" ~ Charlene."

    Voted Best Children's Photographer in the Bay Area in 2014!
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2015 Best Children’s Photographer in the Bay Area Contest! | Please Vote for Angela Lang

It’s that time of year again to vote for your favorite photographer…hopefully that is me! :)  You supported me with a vote last year and I WON first place for the best photographer in the greater San Francisco Bay Area! That experience was such a blessing, and it would be so fabulous to win again. Every. Vote. Counts…so be sure to cast yours for me by clicking on the below ‘2014 Winner’ logo. It would mean so much to have your vote. THANK YOU! xo Angela

Grandparents Mini Session! | Angela Lang Bay Area Family Photographer

I’m excited to share that a new mini session will be offered in February for children and their grandparents. A mini session of this kind has never been offered before until now. There are only 10 spaces are available and then the event will be closed…be sure to sign up while there is still space. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to read more details and limitations.

Click HERE or on the below box to register.

Mini sessions are a great way to have your family beautifully captured with a short time and cost commitment. This mini session is just for children and their grandparents. Angela offers other mini sessions 2-4 times a year depending on her schedule. Past mini sessions may be viewed by clicking HERE. Once sessions are booked and clients choose a time slot, Angela will email clothing suggestions that will help make everyone look well coordinated. Please email Angela any questions you have before booking.

PLEASE NOTE: Sessions are limited to children and their grandparents from one family. For example, a family with two or more children could be photographed with one or both sets of grandparents. However, grandparents will not be photographed with ALL of their grandchildren from more than one family. Thank you for your understanding.

Baby Kai| Angela Lang Bay Area Family Photographer

This nine month old little man was a mover and shaker at his first photos session. It was wise of his parents to bring in to my studio for baby photos before he started walking which we all agreed would probably be next month. What I loved most about Kai is that he smiled a lot and thought all my tricks were funny!

If you would like images like this of your family, drop me a line at

Lovely sisters | Angela Lang Bay Area Family Photographer

This family was my very first client 15 years ago!

I photographed their eldest daughter when she was chubby SIX months old baby in a yoga studio where her mom and I had just finished taking a class. Now, she is a gorgeous young lady who reminds me of a graceful gazelle standing 8 inches taller than me. After the baby session her mom told all her friends about me and voila, my portrait business was born!

Years later they had me photograph their lovely, soulful second daughter and her big sis at their home and a couple more times after that. I’m always struck by these girl’s stunning blue eyes and serene expressions. Images from this session will be used for their family’s Valentine’s card. I love it when families like this one keep coming back for photos year after year. It’s what I enjoy most about my job.

If you would like images like this of your family, drop me a line at

Grow With Me Sessions | Angela Lang Materntiy, Newborn, and Baby Photographer

If you have found this post, most likely you are pregnant with your child (congratulations!). I’m so glad you found my photo blog. I absolutely love photography maternity, newborns, babies, and families! Photo sessions are offered as a Single Session, and Grow With Me package which is the most complete way to document your baby’s first year of life. Sessions span one year. Grow With Sessions may be:

  • maternity, newborn, and a baby session at six months old,
  • newborn, six months old, and one year old
  • any age under five

MATERNITY | Have this treasured time in your life and body beautifully and artfully captured to enjoy and look back on as your little miracle growing inside your belly. This is a wonderful time to include husbands for sessions, or if a expecting mom would like this to be just of her that works as well. Maternity sessions should be between 7-8 months along when one’s belly has a lovely round shape.

NEWBORN | How will you remember your baby’s itty-bitty toes, fingers, those fleeting expressions that are unique to newborns, and the tenderness you felt while holding the most precious baby you’ve ever seen. How will you remember the wonder you felt while gazing at your little miracle of life? Don’t leave these moments to your iPhone photos — have it beautifully and expertly captured by Angela. Ideally, newborn sessions should be booked during pregnancy to make sure that the date is secured for a session when your baby is between 5-10 days old.

SIX MONTHS OLD | Babies at this age are in their chubby cherub stage will lots of yummy rolls and dimples. They will have reached the halfway milestone and will be able to sit up but have not figured out how to crawl yet, and they are full if big smiles and maybe a tooth or two making it a perfect age for photos, especially while they are in the adorable yet fleeting stage of noshing on their toes. This stage is not to be missed!

ONE YEAR OLD | The biggest milestone of all for a baby’s first year is when they start walking. At this age, they are leaving their baby chub behind, and transitioning into being a toddler and being independent. We go to a park while I chase them around as they show off their new skills for this very active and fun session.

The average client invests between $1,000 and $2,000 for a totally customized experience that produces gorgeous images of your family. Session fees do not cover digital images. Please contact Angela for more information at