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Book review from Knitting Scholar | Bay Area Book Photographer

Here is a nice review with lots of comments about the babies and photos from the book I photographed at

The book begins, “Most of us knit for babies today because we want to, not because we have to. We knit for them, as our grandmothers did, for the love of it. We knit because nothing else can give us the same soothing texture and emotion as a garment created by hand. While we sit and knit, our hopes and dreams are wrapped in every stitch. Few things are more scrumptious than the cozy warmth of a new baby swaddled in a lovingly handknit blanket.”

All very true, and that love comes through on every adorably photographed page of this book. And the photos are adorable. Little baby toes, wee fingers, winsome smiles … they’re beautiful.

The patterns–a mix of sweaters, hats, blankets, booties, and all the essentials for your knit-for baby–are mostly inspired by the author’s collection of vintage patterns. Did I mention that they’re cute? A bolero sweater, hoods, cardigans, even a mobile of knit bunnies and hanger covers. Not to mention the booties. My mother has a thing for baby feet, toes, shoes, and booties, and she’s got me doing it now–and this book has a plethora of sweet things for baby feet. And for the crib. And for their heads. Their hands. You get the idea.

Now, there are not a LOT of patterns. Only twenty-five, according to the table of contents. But it’s a good variety, so it’s easy to find something tempting.

I told you the photos were adorable, but they are also helpful. Artistically photographed, yes, but with lots of details and angles to give the knitter a good idea of what needs to be done. (In other words, practically perfect knitting pattern photos, gorgeous yet functional.) Each pattern comes with a difficulty rating, also, to guide an uncertain or hurried knitter toward the easier patterns.

Yes, this is a cute book with the ideal kind of knitter’s eye candy. It almost makes me wish for a baby of my own to knit for … almost!

All this adorableness and potential for warm, wooly love is available from for under $14.

Want to see bigger pictures? Here are the links:
1. VintageBabies_002b, 2. VintageBabies_016, 3. VintageBabies_015, 4. VintageBabies_014, 5. VintageBabies_013, 6. VintageBabies_011, 7. VintageBabies_010, 8. VintageBabies_008, 9. VintageBabies_007, 10. VintageBabies_006, 11. VintageBabies_005, 12. VintageBabies_004, 13. VintageBabies_003

Get your copy for Christmas!

  • --Deb - November 12, 2009 - 11:16 am

    Glad you liked the review–the photos were wonderful!

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