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Acorn Wellness Center interview | Angela Lang Bay Area Family Photographer

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Acorn Wellness Center is a family friendly practice that specializes in prenatal, postnatal, and family chiropractic and massage therapy.

There is a gallery of Angela’s photography hanging in the office that may be viewed here.

When I first walked into your office I immediately felt relaxed as if I had just walked into a spa. What was your thinking behind creating an experience that is so different from a typical doctor’s office?
I believe that the environment sets the tone for healing. Every aspect of somebody’s experience impacts their health, so if they feel relaxed and comfortable that helps to facilitate a more complete healing experience. Offering tea and nuts nourishes the body, as well as has people feel taken care of. Installing pretty lights and a fountain stimulates their senses. Aesthetically, we chose earth tones to be calming and relaxing. And we are a certified Green Business, which is a reflection of our personal values.

You fulfilled your dream in 2009 by moving to a larger space in Oakland that you designed to be a family-friendly environment with stroller-accessibility, toys and books in the waiting room and even a baby-changing table. How did it come to be that you have so many patients who have children?
Pregnant women are especially in need of chiropractic care because of the increased strain on their body. Therefore I’ve been emphasizing prenatal care for aches and pains, preventing breech presentation, and making labor faster and easier. As a result of that I also work extensively with women in the post partum period as well as their babies, older children and husbands.

What is unique about your treatment style?
I schedule longer appointments so that I can develop an understanding of what a patient needs that day. Then I tailor specific massages to address what is going on before I do the adjustment. This has the patient be more relaxed and adjustments can be gentler. Also, massaging before the adjustment has the benefits of the treatment last longer so I can see the patient fewer times overall. In terms of the adjustment style, I truly believe that the patient will respond best if I tailor the adjustment technique and strength to what they are comfortable with. For instance, if somebody is scared of having his or her joints “cracked” I can always use an alternative technique. My guess is that 90% of chiropractors only adjust joints, whereas one out of ten (including myself) will massage your tight muscles first so that the treatment is more affective, gentler, and lasts longer.

I came to you because I had been in a car accident. The treatments have really worked wonders in me. What are other reasons that people come to you?
The number one complaint is pain and stiffness in the neck and upper back of people who sit at a computer all day. They may also shoulder and wrist issues. The number two complaint is lower back pain, with possible butt and leg issues.

A substantial percentage of your patients are prenatal and postpartum women. What specifically do you offer to these moms, and how often do you recommend that they come in for chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy? What about all other people?I offer pregnant women 3 things: 1) relief from aches and pains using my hands (no drugs or surgery), 2) optimally positioning the baby (which means helping a breech baby by removing physical restrictions so that the baby can turn itself or preventing a baby from turning breech in the first place, and 3) making labor faster and easier by getting the pelvic joints to be more mobile and symmetrical. Getting chiropractic care during pregnancy will shorten labor by 39% if it’s her first birth. If she’s already had children, it reduces labor time by 24%.

For Wellness Care I recommend that pregnant women come in about every 2 weeks. If they’re in pain, they’ll probably come twice a week for a couple weeks until they’re feeling better. Massage frequency can be however much somebody wants and feels would benefit them. Many pregnant women get massage once a month using our specialty pregnancy cushion so that they can enjoy the massage face down. Postpartum women usually come twice a month for chiropractic care to take advantage of the fact that the pregnancy hormone, relaxin, is decreasing during the 6 months after delivery. Treatment during this time helps the body end up in a strong and stable state with great alignment.

How long have you been in business?
I got my license in 2001 and started my own business in 2003. I moved from Berkeley to Oakland in 2009.

Where did you study and receive your degree?
I studied at and received my Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA.

When I visit your office, my impression is that your business is a direct extension of you and your wife, Kati. Every room is meticulous and well thought out, there is a natural flow from room to room, your commitment to being a certified Green Business, and the care that is given to all the little details that are required to run a smoothly operated business. It’s impressive that you accomplish all of that and give excellent care to a wide variety of patients. How do you do it?
I make sure I get regular chiropractic care and massage myself. I work out regularly, eat a healthy diet, and get sufficient sleep.

I’ve really enjoyed my massage treatments from Whitney McCann who is on your staff. She’s amazing! Tell me how you came to bring her on board.
We extensively interviewed a wide variety of therapists and were confident that she was the best. She has years of experience working at spas and brings a high degree of professionalism. She’s also passionate about working with pregnant and postpartum women, and as a professional singer she moved to the area to study Sound Healing at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies). For patients that request to include Sound Healing as part of their massage she uses specific tuning forks to introduce frequencies into the body to produce healing effects.

Located in Oakland at2929 Summit Street., Ste. 103 | (510) 452-2929

The first visit is an hour and normally $160. Regular 20-min visits are $80. Massages are $80 for one hour and $110 for 90-minute.

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