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Photo Tip #14 – Notice the details | Bay Area Wedding and Family Photographer

Covering a wedding or event takes every bit of a photographer’s focus. Many will describe the experience as being ‘in the zone’ because one has to be tack sharp for the full duration of the wedding covering action, romance, formals, details, and to always shoot the unexpected.

Noticing the fine details that couples have spent so long planning for requires one to stop the running around and ‘smell the roses’ so to speak.  Favors, flowers, wine glasses, menus, etc.. will be long forgotten after the cake has been eaten and everyone goes home, so it’s important to document it for the couple.  Detail shots are also a great way to break up the many photos of faces in an album to make it more interesting.

Below are some examples:

  • a bright green apple from the orchard where the couple married
  • the sweet expression of the bride’s dear grandma who is no longer with us
  • the exact color of a stunning bouquet of tulips
  • the lace of a gown and how the necklace rested on the bride’s collar bone
  • the groom’s smile that mimics the arch of the back-lit shrub behind him
  • the expression of the bride just before walking down the aisle
  • a menu of delicious food and the paperweight that holds it from flying away
  • the intricate floral headpiece of the bride
  • the way the light shone on a bride’s veil as she mingled at the reception
  • the watchful eye of the bride as her hair was getting done
  • a Persian belly dancer doing a special dance for the guests
  • a bridesmaid’s dress getting sewn


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