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Today, my family participated in a mini photo shoot by a photographer who does this for our kid’s school. Every year, she offers it and each year I’m booked that day photographing my clients, but this year I made sure to sign up. It was a great reminder of what my clients go through to get ready for a session, and I’m always wiser afterwards. There was the giant heap of clothes on our bed, the damp sweater from the dryer that my son had to wear, my mascara being applied while my husband drove, and our dog who would jet out of the frame whenever he saw a squirrel.

The funny thing is that no matter how rushed we were to get to the session on time, once we were there, it was totally fine, and the photographer spent the first five minutes joking around and making us feel comfortable. Here’s a few reminders for your own session:

  • Lay out your family’s outfits 1-2 days before the session, and make sure it’s clean and ironed.
  • It’s better to arrive relaxed and imperfect vs. being stressed out
  • It’s more important to enjoy the session rather than using bribing for good behavior
  • I think just about every parent likes a nice portrait where everyone is looking great and smiling at the camera, but if the photographer captures a feeling, mood, emotion, or moment, that will be even more memorable. Ideally, a great photographer can do both.
  • And most importantly, have fun!


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