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Teenage sisters | Angela Lang Bay Area Family Photographer

Wow, this family and I go waaaaay back! This is their fourth or fifth photo session with me — the first one was when they were two and three years-old! Two of my favorite images of them from their younger years is still on my website…scroll down to see how much they’ve grown since then.

There’s a back story on how this most recent photo session came to be which I have to share. So a couple of months ago I was running some errands at night when I see the girl’s mom. It was dark so she didn’t recognize me when I waved. I was dying to know how she and her daughter’s had been doing all these years so I left a business card on her windshield wishing them well. A few days later she called me and booked!

One of my favorite photos is one of them tossing up rose pedals at a rose garden that I had custom framed years ago. I brought it to show them and when I found out that they didn’t have that version I gave it to them! It is such and honor to be trusted by a family to document and capture their family’s visual memories.

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You may also recognize the younger sister from my canvas gallery wraps sample page:


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